Sunday, January 22

7 Years

Seven long years. It's a long time since we publicly pledged our "I do" to each other. Seven years is a turning point in the life of a child, in his growth and development, as many educators and physicians recognize. It's enough time to get some history under the belt of a marriage. Time to "I do" to that and "I don't" to this. Doing about two of those seven years at a distance, like long distance dating, it's tempting to forge ahead with one's separate lives, forming plenty of survival habits and self-made schedules that will all need to change with reuniting. It's tempting to pretend like nothing happened in those seven years to need readjusting. We've gotten along thus far; we are basically fine, right? Where the hand of God is at work, there is no pot-in-the-fire "fine" for long.


Meredith Roark Childress said...

As always, O makes the cutest pic ever. You have an especially challenging seven years to consider, and that won't change until Eric is no longer leaving months or years at a time. But your awareness of all that's involved allows for adjustments on both sides. I pray that your uniting again in February will bring blessings of a new kind. Our God is a God of surprises and your life is no exception. And I agree with you: "fine" isn't enough.

Bonnie said...

More than fine ~~ amazing to go through the two years apart except by the hand of the God of Comfort.