Friday, February 2

Genesis, the Movie

Robert Capon's book, a sort of Jacob to his Esau of a prequel entitled The Fingerprints of God is a gem with quotable philosophy:

"...the best theology is always a game of playing with language until it becomes an image of the Word beyond words."

Of Augustine, he quotes:
"[God] made things he already knew; he didn't have to wait till they were made in order to know them."

And this is but the introduction to a book about "watching the Bible as a tissue of images woven together by the Holy Spirit, not reading it as a handbook of theological, moral, or religious information."

I'm out of work for the semester, done with my list of 12 points to complete today before Kermit gets home from fishing down at the South Padre Isle and made the best double choc M&M cookies to date (5 batches later) and have only to enjoy dinner and minor grocery shopping before we crash on the couch for a $1 movie and rejoice that one more grey day in south Tejas draws to a dark moonlight close.