Tuesday, February 28

Living the Life

As I have grown older (matured one might say...) I have learned that it is not the one who argues the loudest, puts on the best show, or berates his opponent in the most efficient manner is not the one who ultimately ushers in a change of the heart. In order to effect change we have to enter into the lives of those we hope to persuade and dare I say love them...through the long run. Dr. Tim Keller says: "You need to enter into a person's worldview, challenge that worldview and retell the story based upon the Gospel." Hardly revolutionary...No, now is the time to think reformationally.

Thursday, February 23

breaking and remaking

In one of his sermons on greed and giving, Tim Keller says that "Culture is a world with meaning;" even our everyday pennies go for or against something. He says that we can use our money in two major ways: as a distraction by purchasing sensation stimulation OR as seed to plant and grow exciting liveliness, for our friends, our family, our neighbour, ourselves. Lest we think it is our dollar bills that fund and run the universe, we must learn the reality that, in Keller's words, "God's righteousness re-weaves creation."

Eric and I inevitably find ourselves spending more than we should on food we didn't need, wasting money on fees and penalties, investing where we didn't have back up plans, and in trying to be prudent, robbing ourselves or someone else of the happy luxuries we call necessities of life. Where the balance of giving and saving lies, no one knows until the money's on the line and a decision must be made. We learn meanwhile to say the honoured prayer, "give us this day our daily bread," hoping in God's righteousness for tomorrow by praising His provision today.

Tuesday, February 14

Valentine's Day

Two years ago today Eric picked me up to walk across the street to the coffee house, 49 West, in Annapolis. He had just flown in from Virgina. A waltz party was going on at St. John's that gave him reason to come back early and ask me to the dance, since we'd been taking swing lessons on Tuesday nights in the little back stage room on St. J's campus. I suppose we wouldn't have gone to the dance if my answer had been different that night.

After all, the new semester marked the turn of the year in which we had barely begun to be simply friends. We got back from Christmas break wanting to renew an old aquaintance, go out to a movie in the greyness of winter, and found out that we already frequented Barnes and Noble to study, and it would be lovely to get our mutual friends over there at the same time. Meanwhile, we're both thinking of other possibilities; but one can hardly be expected to say yes to a man after two dinner conversations and a few stolen side long glances at him over oceanographic equations.

I found myself faced with his question over a small cup of strong coffee, warming my fingers, while the rest of the drafty ailse was cold. His words were diplomatic ambassadors from his heart to my head. I felt necessity impelled me to explain a few things; I didn't think he could really be serious if he really knew me; and here was a man not to be messed with. His reply encompassed my fears round about and drew them into a kerchief as on a stick to be carried on his back and taken up together at a right time some time down the road. The undertaking he proposed, to gain my affection through the proving of his own for me, seemed unlikely, but desireable. Thus, his words met their mark and mine echoed, yes, I'd like that, too.