Saturday, September 22

domestic disbelief

Along with charming fall sun-shining through the irridecent leaves weather, we find our not-so-charming inner child selves tossed to and fro on the winds of change. The household becomes a bomb shelter, or perhaps a tiny tower of Babel, where we thought we had it all together and found instead our likemindedness to be a volatile weakness. What sloughs of despond, what crystal peaks of wonder--shake our skeletal frames! Therefore, young children, beware the sunny winds of September.

Wednesday, September 19

In the fall of the year

As the fall equinox steals up on the calendar, our very skin dances gleefully with goose bumps when the days grow dark with cool nights. Our Saturday beach trip will lose its savour when we shiver in the sandy wind. Alas, we must trade our boogey boards for clippers and turn to the bare-leggy garden, where trimming and pruning might provoke a few more bright blooms.

Saturday, September 15

New Blogs!

You will notice that we recently added two new blogs to our links on the right side of the page. The first is our friend Bonnie who is blogging on "Being Transformed". Additionally, our cousin Aaron, who is an accomplished writer and has earned a very well respected name for himself in the Texas Naturalist/Biology circles is blogging on "A Water Wilderness".


Wednesday, September 12

To Fly The Mean Machine

This past Monday marked a big day for Boards...he finally soloed the AV-8B Harrier. Normally, a solo is really not that big of a deal. Of course it is a privilege to take out a jet by yourself without an instructor putting you through your paces, but this was definitely a different story. In most aircraft you solo within a few days of flight training, not so with the Harrier. It is an aircraft that takes months to learn how to fly...and not fly well...but just learn to fly.

This is a great step for me as it means that my time as a fledgling neophyte are nearing an end. The Tactical world is now upon me and so are greater and meaner challenges.

Thursday, September 6

Summer's End

While certain sections of the country have been dealing with a long, hot summer, we in eastern North Carolina have had a rather pleasant run of the season as far as summers go. No, we have not been sitting around in our jackets as some folks would have us believe we did in the days before "global warming"...interesting note, I have always remembered summers as being hot, sometimes really hot....But I digress.
Here we have had rain, a front to cool things off for a few days every few weeks, and the cool sea breezes in the evening to put an end to the humid heat of the day.

This past weekend we had our first taste of cool air for the new season. What a refreshing change a shift in wind direction can bring. With evening lows in the sixties the stars seem to blaze a little happier. The bugs sing louder, fly further; the yards are graced with yellow butterflies, flitting hummingbirds, and the evening woods are prowled by hungry coyotes, letting us know that humans are not the only creatures enjoying the new weather.

This pleasant change in weather brings for me new ideas. There is plenty of work to do on the house as it cools down and new garden plans are being laid that will make for perfect Saturday afternoon chores.