Thursday, March 31

'Nuff Said!

Wednesday, March 30

The Real Battle

You know, I always thought that the world could only be changed by military or political might. I now see how wrong I am. World changing comes from within the home and the family. We are programmed to think that nothing important comes directly out of the home. In order to achieve we must move away from our roots and make our own way.
Well, my eyes have been opened and I now see that being a God fearing husband and father is my number one priority. The man who raises his family to understand Truth and spread that Truth to every nook and cranny of their lives will be a greater effect for change than any ruler who ever lived.

Tuesday, March 29

Quite A Precedent

I could expound on this, but I will keep my thoughts streamlined. Why are evangelical Christians acting like such fools over Terry Schiavo? Why are Evangelical Christians using the same tactics that pagans (read Liberals) use to influence a decision? Do we not understand that it is our own failings and sinful nature that has allowed us to degenerate to such a level where we no longer view life, any form of life, as sacred. It is our job as Evangelical Christians to prayerfully change the hearts of those who rule, and through prayer and supplication apply the Gospel to all aspects of this world and take it over for Christ.
I hold myself and all other Evangelical Christians responsible for the death of Mrs. Schiavo, for it has been upon our watch that she has so cruelly died. May God have mercy upon us all.

What a Precedent

As I listen to the arguments over the life of Mrs. Schiavo, I can not help but to get caught up in the emotion surrounding the case. When I see the Police Officers standing in front of the Hospice where Mrs. Schiavo is residing I can not help but feel angry at them for not letting their hearts rule their actions. And what about the Judges? I feel anger toward them for not showing any bit of sympathy or common sense in this case. I too, feel like the rest of the crowd and want to break onto the scene ready to bring food and water to the helpless woman.
But perhaps this is not how we should fight this battle. If we as Christians really want to change the court system and promote the sacred right to life, I am quite sure that shouting in front of a camera is not the correct weapon to use. In doing so, we are no better than the pagans we are fighting against.
Christians should focus instead on changing the hearts of those within the Judicial system. We should work in hopsices where we have direct control and influence over those indivuals who are in need of such care. By asking President Bush to step in, are we not setting a precedent for future Presidents to come? We are blessed that this President would step in to fight for life. What if we set the stage for one who would fight against life? The answer remains, as it always has, that the Gospel is the only answer to our tragic condition. And we must not apply the Gospel just inside the walls of the Church, but must live that Gospel in every aspect of our lives!

Monday, March 28

Ashamed....Of What?

I noticed today that when the U.S. Soccer team competed against Mexico in Mexico Easter Sunday they were greeted with boos, chants of Osama!, Osama!, and refused to stand and continued booing while the National Anthem was played. I suppose that we Americans should stand with our heads drooped in shame at the success we have been able to achieve by the Grace of our Heavenly Father. Heck NO!!
It is understood now that when you travel to locals in Europe; places such as Germany, France, or England....who, correct me if I am wrong, we saved from complete anhilation no less than 60 years ago. And it is Germany who is profiting from the economic strength we gave her...after we rid her of tyranny... soon we forget. When you travel to these supposed friendly nations you are advised to not let on that you are American, lest you feel the wrath that your allies feel towards you for your success...and conviction to uphold a standard for (T)?truth in this modern world.
Well, not me ladies and gentlemen. I am proud to be an American, "where at least I know I am free." We Americans do have an obligation to uphold the standards that we so proudly bear. This does not mean that we should flaunt our position, but we should stand behind it proudly. So the next time you are taunted by a foreign nation, don't let the fear of being a harbinger of justice bring you down. Relish in our God given position and look for further ways to increase the influence we, as the United States of America, have on less fortunate nations.

Saturday, March 26

Crucifiction, Death, and Resurrection, a Marine's View

As I was thinking this morning about the death that Christ died for us, I could not help but feel a great deal of satisfaction in the victory that His death brings to us. The more I thought about the victory aspect of his death, I began to think about the battle that was fought to bring about Christ's victory over death.
Now, as a United States Marine, I am always up for a good fight, especially for God, Country, and Corps. So the vision of Christ descending to Hell and completely destroying death brought me a great deal of joy. I began to imagine Christ showing up at Hell's threshold, the demons looking up in complete astonishment and fear, and then Christ absolutely going to town tearing down every stronghold the Devil ever attempted to claim.
There is such joy in knowing that the victory is already won, all that we have to do is claim the victory, walk in it, and continue to fight the small battles that the devil attempts to thwart us with.
Marines train to fight in order to destroy the enemies will to fight. We do this through a constant forward tempo assisted by fire and maneuver that finally pushes the enemy farther and farther back into his defenses ultimately allowing him to be overrun and thus destroyed. A Marine never has any doubt as to the outcome of the battle, he always knows that the victory is his to claim. We as Christians should walk in the same manner. Our victory is assured, all we are called to do is be as the Marines and close with and destroy the enemy.


Well, here I a member of the 21st Century and able to communicate with the entire world all that I have on my mind...and I have nothing to say. Well, never fear, that will not be the case for long.