Monday, November 21

To Grey Mornings

The sky comes down to meet the earth when the clouds roll in and offer their gift of rain. A misty veil the sky lays at earth's feet, whereat he bends to behold how magnified her clean blades of grass become and shine in the half light; her being rejoices to reflect in vibrant greeness the life poured into dusty fields, the drink offered to roots clinging to earth's many layered bosom, trees swinging in the wind with sighs and old creaky voices as the givers of the bow invoking music from the strings of the orchestra.

Tuesday, November 15

The Newest In a Long Line of Wimps

I am not quite sure what has caused modern America to believe that the best way to win a war and send a line in the sand message to our enemies was to quit and run; but for some odd reason, the House and Senate feels it is the only way. Actually, I guess that is the problem, they are "feeling." How insensitive of me.

Davey Crockett, Jim Bowie, Stephen Austin; shame on you for actually staying to defend the Alamo. Don't you know that the best option is to cut and run? I mean it is not as if you actually had a cause to fight for.

Saturday, November 12

French Toast

"France has neither Winter, nor Summer, nor morals. Apart from these drawbacks it is a fine country. France has usually been governed by prostitutes." - Mark Twain Posted by Picasa

Friday, November 11

You won't see this on television

A co-ed international Scouting group formed this summer in Hasar held its first ever pinewood derby Oct 6th thanks to leader's efforts and cars donated by families of the 116th Brigade Combat Team.

This local Scouting group, known as Kashafa in Iraq began July 7th when members of the 115th BCT Task Force 1/148 Field Artillery and leaders from the community of Hasar celebrated a ribbon cutting and inauguration of the program.

The Hasar Kashafa consists of three groups: Tiger, comprised of boys and girls ages 8-11, Lightning, made up of boys and girls ages 12-14, and Eagles, children 15-18 years old. The groups meet weekly and have over 100 participants.

(information gleaned from an email) Posted by Picasa

Thursday, November 10

Here Is To 230 years Of Hell, Death, and Destruction heaped upon the heads of those who would dare fight a Marine!

Happy Birthday USMC! Posted by Picasa

the calm before the ....

Movers come. But first we go through our stuff we need to throw out. Moving is rediculously thought-consuming, until you do something about it or tell yourself to get off it and go be productive to someone else. As a last resort, one might as well have some fun--and enjoy the fine autumnal outdoors.

Tuesday, November 8

T-37 Complete

Posted by Picasa What every fighter pilot needs... a good looking woman!

Friday, November 4

Big dog, little dog

Mr Scherrer is out of town happening to visit the elder Mr Scherrer, spending a work day with dad as every boy should yet rarely gets the opportunity. Cross country flights take one away from home upon expeditions into the unknown and thus educate the man in a well-rounded way. Hands-on skill practice in the little jet, a city to explore upon landing, conversations to be had over dinner, a day in between to folic as on holiday, and a return to base to find the satisfaction of the ordinary life one left behind, coming home a new man.

Thursday, November 3

It's Rachel's Birthday....

Let's all celebrate the birth of the screaming pink infant some 27 years ago! You wouldn't recognise her now. What did you ever wish for and actually get?