Saturday, April 28

the birth mom

Meet Tinkerbell, the first-time mom of five puppies. We are not only honoured to be on the exclusive family list of adoptees, but happy to find that Tink gave birth to two extra pups for us to choose from. The roly-poly white girl in the middle is the one we plan to introduce as Herbie's new sister in a mere 8 weeks! This baby's going to need designer sweaters and daisy leashes in her wardrobe.

Wednesday, April 25


We live in a cul-de-sac. A space known as a dead end also used as a basketball court. Ours is conducive to the idealised notion of neighbourliness otherwise known as community and often feared as nosiness. Our neighbours are known for their love of gossip, yet are busy enough to keep from knocking down our door for attention.

We meet over yard work. As one of us plants a flower bed or rummages about weeding, the others are looking on and wander over to exclaim over the new salvia bushes and admire with generous envy the colourful fruits of our labours. This very afternoon, Kermit dug out holes for the lavender, sage and thyme in the front beds while I potted English ivies and Gerber dasies for the front porch. Herbie watches and chews up plastic planters as he awaits the true climax of his day: a walk to the Little Beach.

Sunday, April 1

Right Here, Right Now

Electra and I had a great discussion this afternoon regarding the manner in which God has brought us to be in our relationship with Him. I in particular have a very difficult time looking back at the personal failings in my life and accepting God's faithfullness and forgiveness through it all. I know that I was never the good Christian that I was expected to be. But I am okay with that now. I am ok with the fact that I never fit in with the evangelical cool crowd. I am ok with the fact that I was the only one not praying in tongues. I am ok with the fact that I never had praise filled reports of how God was working in my life. I am ok with the fact that I had failed relationships before I got married. I am ok with all of this because I know that when God looks at me, He sees His Son standing in my stead. And I am definitely ok with the fact that God is constantly in the process of redeeming us, restoring us, creating, and forgiving us.

I never will be a part of the evangelical cool fact, I never want to be. I want to be, in the words of Joseph Arthur "Redemption's Son." I want to rest in the fact that while I am constantly changing, God is constant.

In light of this I have found a prayer that rings true to my heart in the form of the suscipe of St. Ignacius: "Accept, oh Lord, my entire liberty, my memory, my understanding, and my will. All that I am and have, you have given me, and I give it all back to you to be governed by your will. Give me only the joy of your love, and the comfort of your grace; With these I am rich enough, and I ask for nothing more."