Wednesday, September 27

Goshawk Video

Follow the link to access a short video of the mighty T-45 in action... It takes about a minute to load.

Mustachioed No More

There are no words to describe what myself and 24 other guys did this past weekend except Wow! I have never felt the personal effects of prayer as I have over the past few weeks. For those of you out there praying...Thank You!
While I am extraordinarily thankful that the Det went off safely and successfully, Electra and the other wive are especially thankful that their husbands were finally able to shave their mustaches off!

Saturday, September 16


We like to write our deepest thoughts and reveal our innermost secret selves--to the right unassuming, non-invasive, sensitive crowd. In Confessions of an Organized Homemaker, Deniece Schofield reveals that the dirt in her house provoked a radical rebellion in her psuedo-messy life: throw out the perfectionism. She preaches the professional approach to housework. Make into a science what one always thought mundane. Of her top Six Principles of Organization, my favourites are "Be motion minded"--store things where you use them, and have duplicate copies of things to store at the place of useage--and "Use accrued benefits," ie., form good habits for the every-day jobs we do. Before I can get control of my house, I have to get some control of myself.

Tuesday, September 12

Method To The Madness

Electra and I once again began discussing how we should organize our bookshelves. This discussion comes up every few months, especially when we go looking for a book and can not find it. I have been reluctant to start this task, and not just because it is a big job, but for some other reason that I just have not been able to put my finger in until just the other day.

Electra and I were out with some friends who are also avid readers and we were describing our need to organize our shelves. Their response really struck me as to exactly why I do not want to perfectly organize our library...They said that their bookshelves tell a story. A history if you will on what they have been struggling through, what they are thinking about, and what their interests have been.

Of course! That is brilliant! And it explains perfectly why we have The Art of War next to The Pity of War, Umberto Eco next to Tom Wolfe, C.S. Lewis next to Kant, Modern Art next to Schaeffer's Addicted to Mediocrity. And the list goes on. Once again, this proves to me that just when some things seem to be the most disordered, we find them to make perfect sense.

Tuesday, September 5


Hanging low over the fields, we get little sprinkles in bursts over the newly ploughed land, calming the dust with the soft hands of water drops. Cool breezes chase each other every evening through the gnarled old trees. Summer shows signs of age, the sun running her abbreviated marathon across the sky.