Sunday, June 12

What is it I really do?

I enjoy reading and hearing about the stories of missionaries that have answered the Lord's call to minister to the world and serve all of His people. At times I wish we could focus more on our own spiritual issues here in the United States before we send all of our most devoted servants overseas, but I know that is not the way God has commanded us to serve. The point is, it is encouraging to hear about the folks God has called to minister to far away lands.
Someone once told me that I should be a military chaplain so that I could minister to those who are away from home and touch their lives in a spiritual manner. My response was, "I do not have to be a chaplain to do that." The more I mature as a Marine Officer, the more I realize that I am a missionary. I am first and foremost a pastor/father to my Marines. They look to me for guidance on everything from finance and relationships to spiritual issues. My job demands that I love them as I would a son. Additionally, when I am in a far off land, who do you think I am an ambassador for? Of course, Christ and the United States. Yes, I am trained to kill our Nation's enemies, and I gladfully do that, but when the battle is over their must be one who is still standing and can serve those terribly scarred by the battle.
What is more, all who claim Christ as Lord can be "missionaries", whether it is at UT, the office, or at home. Who ever said God only calls a "few good men", He has called us all!

Sunday, June 5

A Good Book

Sunday Morning is my time to catch up the latest bits of news, blogs, and readings of my favorite thinkers. (Before service of course...) This morning I was looking at the summer reading lists of a few folks and felt suddenly sorry for myself. Among their lists were the descriptions of how they were planning on reading them, i.e., on the porch, in a hammock, in the local coffee shop, etc. How I wish I could join them!
My summer reading has, and will, consist of weaponry, tactics, and aircraft systems. I can tell you anything you want to know about the T-37, but I am afraid I will be a bit behind on the latest discussion of Chesterton. I am reading a book by Ravi Zacharias two pages at a time before I pass out at night, however, so I guess that is something.
And so, my dream of growing older does not neccessarly fit in with the dreams of my peers. I do not wish for a giant house in the right neighborhood, nor do I dream about the great vacations that await. I simply look forward to sitting on my back porch, or the local coffee shop and reading a great book.