Thursday, March 29

More of the Song

Redemption Song

Picture Of The Day

Thanks Mom for the picture...more serious pictures...those of our completed work are forthcoming.

Tuesday, March 27

It's a done deal

Hear the angels singing over our Castle in the Garden: the last coat of paint went up in the entryway/stairwell. Kermit did most of it on an enormously tall (60'?) ladder and three coats later we have a milk-chocolate coloured hallway! Lots of pictures were taken along the way, so you'll get the visual tour soon.

Monday, March 19

Hurry up and....Paint!

Painting is our latest skill. Practiced daily, one finds that the walls take on a fresh look and forever alters that way you wake up in the morning. Anyone desiring a visit from us will have to pry us loose from the house like a barnacle from his rock. It's not going to be easy.

The cable guys came over last week at their appointed time and after rummaging around with furrowed brows for an hour, announced that our cable lines--the whole bunck of them--had been cut and they were stumped. Not knowing where the other possible lines could be, we got our real estate agent on the line (yes, ours is kindly accomodating) who got to the former owners who were able to tell us why, look right under the staircase. Why didn't I think of that?

Maybe next week we'll be writing from our own desk. The necessity of internet pushes us not further away from personal contact with our neighbours, but quite the contrary, has brought us into more visiting and testing of friendly boundaries than ever.

Monday, March 5


Today the movers finally came...three weeks after the left...but our internet is still 1.5 weeks away from connected. We hope to be back soon!