Tuesday, November 28

Lady Red Hawk Day

Look what Electra did today!! I'm the one in the back of the jet. We got to taxi on the runway and make a half-takeoff (not actually leave the ground) then saw behind the scenes in the control towers and even got in the simulators, where I got landed on the carrier! The simulated catapult wasn't so hot; I flipped my jet into the blue yonder right off the edge of the boat!My big red wings callsign: "Belle." Boards was one of the volunteer van drivers, a great tour guide if you ever need one. He's very patient with giggly girls in baggy, hiked-up rolled flight suits!

Monday, November 27


From the summer family reunion to the Thanksgiving feast at the Herrings this year, we have much to be thankful for!
We ate dinner with about 30 family members and then a few friends from our neighbourhood. Afterwards, some of the guys started a game of toss the football in the car-lined street, where our various minivans and suburbans and SUVs didn't seem to mind the occasional missed ball. The girls joined in after touring an ancient graveyard across the street. By sunset, we were ready for Round Two of pie before everyone departed for more gatherings at each of the grandparents' houses. Eric and I joined the Hoeses who live across the bay from Rockport, tucked away in a dense semi-tropical jungle. Neither of us wanted the fun to end, but sleep has a way of stealing away our best intentions.

Saturday, November 18

one fine day

The last flight is scheduled. It's a bittersweet moment, for all the memories of toil and struggle, a precious few airtime epiphanies, and then the fellows who went down to be cast out only highten one's awareness of impending failure--for no one's "too good" to be un-selected. For Kermit, the end is in sight; the beginning of a new day of more training. In between, we will be glad to waste some rubber on the road and cruise at the hum-drum speed of 75 to meet Christmas in the southern mountains.

Friday, November 3

A star was born

Two and something decades ago, a baby called Rahab was born. Today we celebrate from afar. Happy Birthday! I hope USPS hand-delivery guy can find your doorstep.

Thursday, November 2

Lovely Sunday Afternoon

Here it is November 2nd, and the the weather down here has finally gotten cool enough to ENJOY the outdoors. Last Sunday we had the opportunity to spend the day on the bay with our friends. Thanks Steve and Michelle for the link to the pictures!