Sunday, January 31

Blog Friend

On these wintry days, it's a pleasure to hole up in the warm house and read, drink hot beverages, and talk.

One of our good friends sent us a link to their new blog, created as a forum for discussion.  As a group who meets regularly, they are thinking through the book of Hebrews.  Now,  the rest of us can join in on their musings and add to the community of thought.

Check out the side link of "Batter my Heart"

Friday, January 15

Did you see it?

Excerpt from an email Eric sent when the moon was full:

It is a beautiful evening here.  The moon is full, and there is to be a partial eclipse at midnight.  I may walk outside to see it.  I got some great pics of the very full, big moon rising this eve.  It was lovely.  We see such shadows here.  In the midst of war, death, and fear there is beauty.  God's mercy is indeed evident in everything, and I can not wait until we all can see it beyond the shadows.

Three moons since he left, and we look to each new moon with the anticipation of pilgrims seeking their homeland, where their heart may rest and their true love waits.

Thursday, January 7

New Addition

Our blog family is growing....again.  Check it out on the sidebar: Talking Lion.  Now, he won't quite take over the shelf of red tulips.  

First Christmas

He got lots of presents, little gift-child!  We think he enjoyed the tree lights.  He most loves the swing that we put in front of the tree, thanks to the Smiths for loaning it!