Friday, January 28

Learning to read

"For most of us it takes years and years and years to exchange our dream world for the real world of grace and mercy, sacrifice and love, freedom and joy."

In Eugene Peterson's book, Eat This Book, I am studying to read again.

Tuesday, January 25

on occasion

What's the one household chore one can do while in labor (with child) and recovering from violent illness? Laundry, of course.  The exertion is minimal, the industrious hum of the dryer and washer, and the reward of fresh diapers, towels and socks that need no immediate folding are a satisfying way to make oneself feel not entirely useless even when gravely weak.

My latest FlyLady habit to practice is a load a day.  Before one goes downstairs for the day, grab an armload of dirty clothes, and fill the washer to the brim.  But only one load.  I admit to cheating sometimes,   calling diapers that extra load that's more it's own project than regular laundry.

Laundry Room.  Not something we commonly take pictures of of think too much about!

Wednesday, January 19

Snow day!

In the recent snowfall, we bounded outside before the hidden sun disappeared completely.  We bundled O in his rainbow fleece suit, layered on socks, and grabbed the camera.  While Herbie ran wild around the neighbors' yard, chasing cats, and the children next door dragged out their round sleds, Eric got the ball rolling for the snowman, carefully stacked and defended from O, who wanted to attack and topple the little snow guy.    

After a while, the cold became too much for even rainbow fleece suits.  O was becoming a grumpy snowman by the time we hauled him back in for dinner....

And eating at the table is always fun time, especially when aunts give you vest-like bibs with patches!

Monday, January 17

This Year's Theme: Minimize

You know that seasonal feeling of cleaning out the closet, the pantry, or the garage?  Well, this year Kelly and I have felt that same feeling not just as a seasonal feeling, but as a general life calling.  Why?  I am really not sure.  I wish I knew.

Sure, we are up for orders this year, but in all reality we will propably just stay here.  True, we have put our house on the rental market in order to move from a lovely home in the suburbs to a small loft or home in the middle of the city, but we could still fit most of our stuff in there if we wanted to.  So why?  Why would I want to get rid of so much of our "stuff" and live with as small a footprint as possible?  Am I running from something?  Are we having a mid-life crisis already?

To be sure, I am not sure.  But I would say that this idea of minimizing is in response to a feeling of the heart.  Ok, so maybe feeling is not the right word, but pressure may be.  I have met more people over the past year who have seemed to be light posts on a dark and lonely road. . . and they have all felt the same thing.  Over Christmas, I was talking with a friend and he said "if I could put a word to what we are doing this year, it would be minimize."

Christ Himself was all about minimizing.  All He asked us to do was take up our cross and follow Him.  Maybe that is the key.  Maybe I am finally just learning to live as a Christian.  At least that is what I would like to think is true.  Perhaps I want my identity to be more tied up in who Christ is and what He wants me to do with my "stuff" than tied up in just my "stuff."

Regardless, the urge and desire is there.  Our prayer is just that we would be wise to follow the desire with discretion and follow wherever He may lead.