Tuesday, April 26

Another Look at Homeland Security

I have been following the progress of the Minuteman project. If you have not heard about them, they are a group of average Americans who are concerned about the number of illegal immigrants that are crossing our borders every day. The Minutemen do not actually attempt to stop the illegals, they simply report them to the Border Patrol and assist in detering them by simply being there.
This is very exciting to me. Here are every day Americans who have jobs, lives, and external pressures and yet they are sacrificing those primary concerns to fill a gap that they see needs to be filled. They are not relying upon the Federal Government to fill the void, but are instead doing it themselves.
What really intrigues me however, is how the Minutemen have been accepted by our Government. President Bush does not seem very pleased according to his last statement regarding the issue. "I do not agree with what they are doing, nor do I condone their actions" he states. Here is a group that is not looking for a handout, they are not looking for Federal funding, they simply want to keep our borders safe. They sound like fine Americans to me.
The real kicker is that they appear to be doing a better job than the Federal Government. So far, in the month of April, the Minutemen have successfully stopped more illegals than the Border Patrol did ALL of last year. Wow! Another point, the TSA is continuing to put tremendous pressure on General Aviation, a facet of society that is made up primarily of extremely Conservative Americans. The intent of the TSA is to not allow any non-citizens to obtain a pilots license that may be used to fly an aircraft into a building. Good intent, but where is our threat really coming from? I think that the evidence points not to General Aviation, but to our sieve like borders. Maybe we should try to stop the source rather than take away the freedoms of our fellow countymen.

Friday, April 22

The Eric Scherrer Scholarship For Children Who Choose To Disobey Their Parents

Michael Moore, the filmaker responsible for Fareneit 911, has started a scholarship at California State University- San Marcos for students who "have done the most to fight for issues of student rights by standing up to the Administration," according to an AP news release Wednesday. Evidently, Mr. Moore is unhappy with the school's administration since they would not allow him to speak at a school sponsored gathering. The Cal State president, Karen Hynes, revoked Mr. Moore's invitation stating that "the school is not allowed to spend state money on partisan political activity."
Now, I understand that modern thought allows for everyone to do as they feel and that if any authority were to get in your way it is your perogative to rebel against it...But, I am sure that if I were to offer a reward to any individual who "causes discomfort, bodily harm, or adverse psychological effects" to Mr. Moore simply because I did not like the way he portrayed my country in his movie, he might be upset at me. But why should he? I am doing it because it makes me feel good and the only one who should judge me is myself...and I find myself not guilty. Folks....listen to what he is saying...
The lesson here is that in an age of relativism it is ok to thumb your nose up at authority. Do whatever you feel is right. I am sure that every parent out there who has ever had to deal with a child (young or old) would agree with Mr. Moore: life is better when your child is allowed to protest in rebellion your most common request.

Wednesday, April 20

Yes, she is a blonde...But I love her!

This evening as Kelly and I were visiting with some friends, we thought that it might be a good idea to reserve a room at one of our favorite Mexican restaurants to celebrate Cinco DeMayo. So, Kelly asks, "what day is Cinco DeMayo?" I answer the "5th of May" sarcastically....she then looked at me as if she had caught me trying to pull her leg..."no it's not" she replied, "Where did you get that date, the back of your head??" :)

Precious isn't it?!

PS: If I do not write any more blogs it is because she has "neutralized me"

Monday, April 18

America's Military Today?

I was perusing a local bookstore today when I ran across a book by Todd Ensign called America's Military Today. The book is written to outline how off course our military is and to "uncover" the injustices of our uniformed services. Of course, all of this is written by an individual who has never actually served in the Military and whose quotes came from questionable sources as well as Vietnam era war movies.
Let me give you a few examples of Mr. Ensign's "facts". Fact Number One: The Military is full of macho men who have a tendency to be aggressive. Oh, goodness. We would not want men who are actually confident in their abilities to be responsible for protecting our freedoms. What he is actually trying to point out is that women are supposedly not treated with equality. I am a Marine, an Officer in a service particulary noted for machismo, and I have not witnessed any unfair treatment directed towards women. Many female Marines are close friends of mine. Fact Number Two: Men and women in the armed forces are required to attain a certain prescribed fitness level, a level that the public supposedly is not aware of and would be surprised if they knew what it was. Hmm...so I guess the public has no idea that our Military personel are supposed to actually be fit...you mean all those Army, Marine, Navy, and Air Force commercials that show fit young people doing strenuous things is true??? And my goodness, I sure do not want fit people responsible for fending off our enemies.
For more of Mr. Ensign's facts, you can read it for yourself. Though, I personally would not bother, for two reasons. 1: It is unfactual 2: What good points he has that could be used to add some new ideas are lost in his overtly liberal slant, anti-Military views, and anti-Bush sentiments.

Sunday, April 17

What a beautiful life

Today I was struck by the beauty of creation. What a beautiful garden God has placed the human race in. While we do live in a world that is fallen and is tainted by the stain of sin, there remains the promise of the New Earth behind every new leaf and bright sunrise.
As keepers of this garden we are tasked with the protection and productivity of it until our Lord comes to make it new. Until that day, the day that the Lord comes and makes all things new and allows the old earth to fall away "me and my household will serve the Lord". We will do so by tending our garden, raising our children to fill the earth, and guarding our shire from the talons of the enemy. Until the day that the victory is consumate, we will gladly fight our battle for Truth.

Sunday, April 10

Liberal Scum

When I read the newspaper or watch the news I always become fed up and find myself getting more and more upset at the (mis) information that is being projected. More and more of late I have been advocating the complete removal of all things Liberal and Socialist in our culture. The picture that comes gleefully to mind is all the liberals lined up in front of the guillotine efficiently being beheaded.
However, this is not what we are called to do as Christians. The answer to our cultural problems is not revolution, but reformation. The American's fight for independence from England has been commonly termed a revolution, but it was not. The Americans sought to remove themselves from under the crown diplomatically at first, and then martially only when given no other options. You will also notice that there was not a mass outcry for the heads of British state, but a cry for freedom from tyranny. This cry was not to be quenched by further bloodshed which could have continued indefinitely, but by submission to the author of all liberty, God Himself. The French created a revolution to solve their problems, and all they ended up doing was create a monster that was greater than the monster they were trying to rid themselves of.
We need to focus on reforming our culture, not revolutionizing it. Through reform we change the hearts and minds of the people. Revolution changes only the people who are in charge. Revolution is temporary whereas reformation is eternal.

Wednesday, April 6

Ahh... Finally

Kelly returned home today from Charlotte, NC where she spent the last ten days celebrating the marriage of Patrick and Kathryn Brown. This trip (ten days) was the longest that she and I have been apart since we married. Though I know we will be seperated for much longer amounts of time, the ten days seemed like a long time. There is no doubt about it, I will need the grace of God to help me leave my wife for my deployments.