Sunday, December 18


A new Advent season.  Reading our recently old posts, I can report that we have indeed "minimized," moving to a 2 bedrm apartment and rediscovering what is "essential."  I want to get back to writing, but the deployment and repeated moving needs-based survival schedule took over.  So, I guess I haven't actually simplified enough if there's still no time for what I used to think was most important.  Maybe re-ordered priorities happened in the process.


Bonnie said...

Happy Anniversary, Happy Birthday, and Merry Christmas! Good to see you back writing. All shall be well. Most well.

Linda said...

It's funny how the stream of our lives has it's rushing runs and its placid places, but at least we are assured of continually moving forward no matter what it looks like.

The bouquet photo is just beautiful! Every Christmas I have wonderful memories of your beautiful wedding.