Sunday, June 10

Americans diet

On our stop through Meridian, we discovered a new dietary plan from our friends the Rices.  On this plan, rice and all other grains along with their cousins the legumes are blackmail for our bodies.  Not only grains but the whole family of dairy.  Congestion and fat rolls result if indulged.  Throw out all forms of pure sugar and the scientific advances of additives, extra salt and potatoes, and what do we have left to eat?  

Lean meat, 
olive oil, 
plant based spices.  

Is this possible?  Is it healthy?  Can we run faster, further, with fewer aches and pains?  We are willing to experiment and see.  


Bonnie said...

Good to have you back blogging!
Have you read The China Study?

ray ban wayfarer said...

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Elizabeth Merchant said...

'Americans Diet' - It seems my days just don't end. Yet added some B-12 under the tongue capsules to my regimen. And now I can keep up. But I just wouldn't know how to stop anyway. Having so much fun with art. Happy to find your site. Photographs are joyous and full of wonder of life. Have bookmarked your site.